Farewell to Wix

This site will be vanishing in a few months.  Not because I don't want to keep doing it, but the costs are prohibitive, and renewal will cost the the thick end of £450, which I don't have.

In the short(ish) term, I'll be posting my own music and "podcasts" on itch - https://vital-things.itch.io/  Any music released under the Vital Things Recordings moniker will be available on Bandcamp.  The long term plan is to learn the skills to create and host my own site.  If only I'd paid more attention from 1980 to 1982 at school when they were trying to teach me coding, (was it called that in 1980?) it might be a bit easier.  But 40 years of drinking snakebites and bad life decisions have taken their toll, so it's probably more accurate to say "very very long term".  I'll get there though.

Thank you to everyone who joined and contributed.  Hopefully I'll see you on the other side.