Tee Shirts for sale!

Who knows? Someone might want a Vital Things or A Beautiful Idea tee shirt apart from me.  And now you can!  From sizes S to 5XL, click on this link to buy one now.

And while I'm in a selling mood, there's a new single available to download too.  Droney knob twiddling - just for a change.

Old stuff for sale

A load of old tees, most of which were bought on the foolish notion that I might actually lose enough weight to fit into them. Pop over to my Limited Run page  to check them out.  They all come with a free download of the first album I released - Sofa So Good - The Best Of Ski Pie Rage (SPR001A) , apart from the Ghost Thoughts one which unsurprisingly comes with a a free download of SPR003, the Ghost Thoughts album.

You'll see the tapes I've still got for sale there as well.  Fill yer boots and stuff.

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