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Ade Hodges - Disembodied Part 1

Chow Mwng - Grid Ref SH605641


Himukalt - Her

Otherworld - 4'33' Extended Mix

Sara Ohm - Trees

Sinnen - Memoria

Wizards Tell Lies - Ghostshift


Beards - Zero

Chlorine - Excerpt from live recording at Cobalt Studios 07/11/19

Elizabeth Joan Kelly - Harm

Evgeny Sholpo and Nikolai Voinov - Soviet electronic music from 1932. The 'Variophone'

Geometria Nervosa - My Dick Your Mouth

Joe Buck Yourself - Demon In My Head

Luke Lund - Conditioning Augmentation

No Disc - Paper Jam

Sara Ohm - Right Wing Hegemony Will Eat Itself (Antifa Ultras Make Me Happy Every Day)


[FABRIKMUTTER] - Hail Noise, Kill Nazism

Elvin Brandhi - I Said If

Kieran Mahon - Microscope/Telescope (excerpt)

Maneater - These Days

MsHighOnHate - I Don't (Won't Care)

Neil Campbell and Helena Celle - NCHCSW (Excerpt)

Noxeema - Time To Go

Sigh - Dusty Rose

Thank - Commemorative Coin

The Duke Of Juke - Tuff Measures

Xqui - Uranium


Anthony Osborne - Japan In Autumn

Corpse Twitcher - Opening: The Bird

Kenosist - WTFTS?

Mariam Rezaei ft SW1-n Hunter - 9 Darted Line

Overwhelmed - Who Rules The World

Sara Ohm / MsHighOn - HateEnter

see monsd - 31.2 rpm/46.8 rpm

She Spread Sorrow -  She Didn't Care

Video Nasty - Noisecore Deathmatch Side A


Carnivorous Plants - Pandemonium

Cloak + Cloaca - Clock

Ekoplekz - Do The Meinhof

Førgotten - Dementia

Fuckmeat - Fucking Chaotic Howls

Gemetroia Nervosa - Attic

Robert Sotelo - Leave Me Standing Outside

Totstellen - No Way Out

Women Of The Pore - Wreck Your Bumpa Dub