So what is Vital Things Recordings? 

It's 2 things really.  Initially it was meant to be a label, or a faux label I guess, to release my own music but under an official name if you like.  But then I thought, why not use it to release music by others now and again?  And then I thought why not actually use it to offer a duplication service?

Subsequently I now have a cd duplicator, one of those posh printers that you can print cd's with and a bunch of cd's to print on.  I'm yet to decide on costs but it goes without saying (hopefully) that I won't be looking to retire on the proceeds. So long as I cover my costs and have enough to restock supplies when I need them it's all good.

So tell your friends, but not your enemies, and if you fancy entrusting this lovable auld git with your art contact me at

PS - If tapes are your thing I can do those as well, but they're so 2020.......